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Meguiars Non Acid Wheel & Tyre Cleaner, D14301, 3.8L (1Gal)


Meguiars Non Acid Wheel & Tyre Cleaner is the product of choice for professionals looking for a non acid-based wheel cleaner that quickly and easily removes tough brake dust, tar, dirt and road grime with little or no scrubbing. For severe accumulation of brake dust, use a wheel brush to agitate the wheel surface.

Meguiars Non Acid Wheel & Tyre Cleaner is designed to clean clear coated, factory painted, chrome wheel and tyre surfaces.

This wheel cleaner should not be used on uncoated polished aluminium or anodised wheels.

Dilution Ratio

Up to 2:1

Category: Tyre & Wheel Cleaners

Brand: Meguiars

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